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Gate exam reference books for CSE/IT 2018

Gate reference books for CSE /IT 2018

Below are the list of Gate reference books for CSE/IT 2018.

1 Matrices AR Vasista
2 Higher Engineering Maths BS Grewal
3 Probability and Statistics Miller and Freund
4 Discrete Maths Schaum’s Series
5 Graph Theory Narsingh Deo
6 Numerical Methods Golden Series
7 Numerical Methods Jain and Iyengar
8 Automata Ullman and Hopcroft
9 Introduction to Computer Theory Daniel Cohen 2nd Edition
10 Theory of ComputerScience 2nd Edition Chandrasekaran & Mishra
11 Design Analysis of Comp. Algorithms Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman
12 Computer Algorithms Horowitz and Sahni
13 An Introduction to DBMS CJ Date
14 Introduction to Algorithms Thomas Cormon, Charles Ronald
15 Switching and Finite Automata Theory Kohavi
16 Digital Logic and Computer Design Morris Mano
17 Digital Principles and Applications Leach and Malvino
18 Computer Org. and Architecture William Stallings
19 Computer Architecture and Organization Hayes
20 Programming Languages Pratt and Zelkewitz
21 Principles of Compiler Design Aho and Ullman
22 C Programming Language Kernighan and Ritchie
23 System Programming and OS Dhamdhere
24 Operating Systems William Stallings
25 OS Concepts Galvin and Silberschatz
26 Computer Networks Andrew Tanenbaum
27 Data Communications William Stallings
28 Engg. Approach to Comp. Networks S Keshav
29 Database Systems Korth and Sudhershan
30 Fundamentals of DBMS Elmasri, Navathe
31 An Introduction to DBMS CJ Date


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