GATE Whatsapp Group Link Branch wise – 2021

Gate examination is a very popular exam in India. The GATE is conducted for the graduating students of Engineering and Science. There’s enough competition for this examination as this exam is an entrance for various opportunities after graduation. People seek various methods for preparing GATE exam. These days there have been various Facebook groups, websites, forums for discussing Gate related stuff. Now here you’re going to find GATE WhatsApp group link branch wise which will help you to discuss your doubts instantly with the like-minded people.


GATE Whatsapp Group Link Branch wise – 2021

Currently, the maximum WhatsApp group member size is only 256, so it’s difficult to have more number of people in the same group. So in order to allow more people to have in the group, there’s a telegram group for different branches of GATE. You can join the GATE telegram group through this.  Here you can find WhatsApp group join links for ECE, CSE, EEE, Mechanical and Civil. The common WhatsApp group link is already filled and has only 10-20 spots left. In the below, you can find the join links for each group.

GATE branch Whatsapp group link
All branches

The above WhatsApp groups are filling fast. Gate chemical engineering whatsapp group will also be created soon based on the request from Gate aspirants.

When you can’t join the above groups then try joining below telegram groups, they have each 1000+ members:


Check out: Gate telegram group links branch wise

Note: If you want a specific branch group to be created then do let us know using the comment section below.

Few useful GATE links

Join GATE WhatsApp & Telegram groups

WhatsApp group | Telegram group


  1. Please create a whatsapp group for EEE branch as the previous group is filled so that many more students can join through whatsapp. Also make sure that all the materials are sent to both the groups equally so that all can be benefitted from that.

  2. Please make a group for engineering science xe people’s material science and polymer science . If their is any groups then please let me know

  3. I can’t able to join the group
    It shows filled
    Could you please provide information regarding this…

    1. Hello
      GATE WhatsApp groups are having a limit of 257, so they are getting filled up so early.
      You can join the telegram group and it is very easily accessible having so many like-minded members.
      Common group:
      After joining that group, you can reach the branch-specific group.

      Hope it helps.

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