Gate Electromagnetics PDF by RK Kanodia

The GATE exam is an online examination conducted in various subjects of Engineering and sciences. GATE exam requires a good practice of all topics in order to pass it with flying colors. In order to crack GATE along with a good strategy, one should also focus on selecting the good resources. Here is a very good GATE material, RK Kanodia Electromagnetics for ECE & EEE GATE aspirants. From the below-given link, you can view/download the GATE Electromagnetics PDF by RK Kanodia.


Gate Electromagnetics PDF by RK Kanodia

The following Kanodia Electromagnetics PDF covers the topics viz., Vector analysis, Electrostatic fields, Electric fields in matter, magnetostatic fields, magnetic fields in matter, time-varying fields and Maxwell’s equations, Electromagnetic waves, transmission lines, waveguides, antenna and radiating systems, and it has a total of 707 pages.

RK Kanodia Electromagnetics PDF

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