Ravindrababu Ravula GATE Lecture Notes PDF

The GATE examination is a well-known examination conducted once a year for graduate students in the field of Engineering and Science. GATE exam requires a well-planned preparation to crack it. There are various coaching centers, books, video lectures are available for preparing GATE.

GATE lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula are a well-known source for preparing GATE examination. These are one of the best lectures for the GATE CSE aspirants. There are so many students who found it helpful by following Ravindrababu Ravula lectures. It is said by many people that the lectures are lucidly delivered. Ravindarababu Ravula lecture videos are available at a higher price but many said that it was worth paying that. Everybody may not be able to afford the videos, so in order to help you out, we have got here Ravindrababu Ravula lecture notes PDF for CSE aspirants. These notes are shared to us by some of the students who follow us. From the below table, you can download the Ravindrababu Ravula lecture notes along with the Practice set PDFs.

Ravindrababu Ravula GATE Lecture Notes PDF

Topic  PDF link
Computer Networks Get the PDF
Combinatorics Get the PDF
Compilers Get the PDF
DBMS Get the PDF
Digital Logic Get the PDF
Data Structures Get the PDF
Graph theory Get the PDF
Operation Systems Get the PDF
Set theory Get the PDF
Theory of Computation Get the PDF

Ravindrababu Ravula GATE Practice Papers PDF

Topic  Practice papers link
Computer Networks Get the PDF
Computer Organization & Architecture Get the PDF
Data Structures & Algorithms Get the PDF
Digital Logic Design Get the PDF
Operation Systems Get the PDF
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  1. There are not present RAVULA sir lecture notes PDF.
    Please share Ravula sir lecture notes of Computer Organisation and Algorithm also.

  2. can i also get his videos ??
    please as I am not able to afford his fees right now .
    it will be great help for me if I get his free videos
    pls its my humble request that if any how you can provide me his all videos it will be very positive for me

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