SK Mondal Mechanical notes topic wise PDF

The Gate exam is playing a very crucial role for the Mechanical students as through this exam Mech students are finding so many opportunities. The Gate exam is the most possible method for the mechanical students to enter into PSUs or other government sector jobs. To help you out with the Gate preparation we’ve got here SK Mondal Mechanical notes topic wise PDF. This notes is one of the best notes for gate mechanical preparation. From the below table you can download the topic wise notes in PDF format.

SK Mondal Mechanical notes topic wise PDF

The below listed SK Mondal Mechanical notes is useful for GATE/PSUs and other competitive exams.

Topic of the notes PDF link
Casting, Welding, Machine tools, Material science Get the notes
Fluid Mechanics Get the notes
Engineering Mathematics Get the notes
Heat and mass transfer Get the notes
IC Engine Get the notes
Industrial Engineering Get the notes
Machine Design Get the notes
Metal cutting and forming Get the notes
Power plant Engineering Get the notes
Refrigeration and Airconditioning Get the notes
Strength of Materials Get the notes
Thermodynamics Get the notes
Theory of Machines Get the notes
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