Electrical and Electronic principles and technology PDF 5th edition

Electrical and electronic principles and technology by John Bird 5th edition is a very good book recommended by many. Thi book covers various electrical and electronic topics. The topics are viz., Introduction to electric circuits, resistance variation, batteries & alternative source of energy, series & parallel networks, capacitors & capacitance, magnetic circuits, electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction, electrical measuring instruments & measurement, semiconductor diodes, transistors, DC circuit theory, alternating voltages & currents, single-phase series AC circuits, filter networks, DC transients, three-phase systems, transformers, DC machines, three-phase induction motors etc. From the below link you can view/download the JohnBird’s 5th edition book.


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You can get the book online from Amazon:

Amazon: US version, Indian version

Electrical and Electronic principles and technology PDF 5th edition by John Bird

Below is the link to download Electrical and Electronic principles and technology pdf 5th edition by John Bird. The PDF book has a total of 455 pages.

Electrical and electronic principles PDF

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